Delivery and Payment Conditions

§ 1 Packaging and Delivery

Orders are packaged in accordance with technical and commercial standards.  
We reserve the right to determine the transportation method and itinerary. Shipment is usually carried out by a well known logistic company.

§ 2 Delivery Charges

Packaging and delivery from our company/dispatch center are charged to the customer thru the website. These charges are calculated as follows

Orders from our company thru the website: 
The following shipment charges apply for every order.
Shipping within Spain: € 3.00, free shipping for orders of € 20.00 or more  CHANGE THIS PRICES
Shipping within Europe: € 12.00, free shipping for orders of € 50.00 or more CHANGE THIS PRICES
Shipping worldwide: € 20.00 (Express Shipping Premium Airmail € 40.00) CHANGE THIS PRICES

We assume the cost of any supplementary deliveries or special orders.
Titles published at a date later than scheduled will be delivered to you upon publication, and you will only be charged at that time.

Exported goods are not subject to retail price maintenance agreements. Therefore prices may vary in other European countries. The stipulated prices in euros are only valid in Countries with Euro as main currency.

§ 3 Delivery Time

The delivery time in Spain is approximately 3–4 working days, in Europe approximately 5–10 working days. Worldwide, the delivery time is 10–30 working days. 

§ 4 Payment

Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer thru the website. In our Showrooms payment can be made with credit card, cash, bank transfer or thru Invoice.
Credit card payments: 
If your credit card expires before the publication date of your order, we will not be able to reserve the item for you. 

NOTE: That our products delivered outside of Europe and requires import tax payments etc. are unpaid. The buyer pays entry customs clearance, duties and taxes, and costs of all international banking transfers.

If a buyer choses to cancel his or her order, varying rules apply. Please see:
Legal information for users.

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