Environmental regulations

The Freedom of Access to Information on the Environment Regulations (S.L. 549.39) have directly incorporated the definition of environmental information from the European Directive 2003/4/EC on public access to environmental information (which in turn closely follows, but expands upon, the definition in the Convention).


In every step from design to custom delivery, Anfa Interiors ambition is to do what is possible to contribute to a better world. Therefore We follow 3 main requirements when purchasing or/and remaking our furniture and interior decoration. 


Eco friendly 

Association groups 

This to do our duty to keep the art of handicraft alive around the world and to help reduce powerty and pollution. 

We select a handfull of items new or old on our purchase trips, If needed we remake them or just polish them up. Nothing should go to waste.  


Animal material

we are keen that all of our products are produced in a responsible way considering health, environment and animal protection. Our purchase requirements states that all animal should be:

1. Free from hunger and thirst

2. Free from discomfort by having a suitable living environment

3. Free from pain, damage or sickness

4. Free from fear or mental illness 


Anfa Interior only accepts leather or bone that is a byproduct from meat production. We only use bone from draught animals or slaughtered animals like Camel, cow or buffalo.


Wool is one of the oldest material from the nature with several unique characteristics. Wool absorbs moist from the skin and isolate very good. You do not need to wash wool. It is enough to let it hang outside and breathe. Our wool products are all handmade.


Anfa Interior products contains wood that is certified by the law in every each country where the products is made.  


All our electric lamps are produced by qualified suppliers. All electrical is approved according to international standard with CE-requirements.


We demand from all our producer to do what is possible to increase the knowledge about which chemical products that is dangerous for health and environment and which substance the can use instead. To always choose a chemical that is as gentle to the environment as possible.


All ceramic sold by Anfa Interior is handmade and made in a old traditional way. We have selected producers who can fulfil our demands from without our 3 requirements.

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